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Testimonials for DAVID GAYNES, LAc

My neck and back pain was so severe that it was consuming my life. I tried traditional physical therapy and I felt some relief, however after time the pain just returned.  A friend of mine heard about magnetic acupuncture for pain.  I was given David Gaynes’ name. After locating sensitive pressure points and applying just a couple of painless magnets, my pain was immediately 100% better. I had another follow-up treatment and after several days, I’m still pain free and not needing my pain medication.  –Debbie—

I went to Dr Gaynes for treatment of lower back pain related to muscle spasms. I was in considerable pain, which significantly limited my mobility, and compromised my sleep. I have experienced this injury before and knew I was facing weeks of recovery.  I sought Dr. Gaynes help in an effort to accelerate the healing process. During his examination, Dr. Gaynes applied magnets to a sensitive spot on my hand, then asked me if I felt any change in my pain level. To my surprise, my pain level instantly decreased by 70%, with my mobility improving comparably. Having no previous experience with magnets, I didn’t know they were the treatment until my symptoms improved. I became an instant believer in magnet therapy for back pain. Dr. Gaynes’ treatment accelerated my recovery and reduced my use of analgesics, sparing the usual stomach upset. I couldn’t be happier about my care.  –Dan–

Prior to coming to David for NAET treatments, I had extreme abdominal pain, diarrhea, cramping and bloating associated with wheat, gluten and dairy allergies for 18 yrs. Having done the NAET treatment I have found freedom again and joy in my life.  I no longer find myself being a high maintenance person. I can go everywhere and enjoy everything that is being served without being an annoying guest. I would highly recommend that anyone go through the process if you want to regain your life back.  I have been extremely successful post treatment, eating all foods.  — Maria –

I have suffered from allergies my entire life and have had to take antihistamines and decongestants to cope for as long as I can remember. As a health care provider trained in Western Medicine, I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical about your NAET treatment. As a true believer in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I was willing to give it a try. After receiving your first treatment for my allergies to tree pollen I felt an immediate difference. I went from sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose to none of these symptoms the very next day. I have no explanation, nor could I begin to understand how this treatment works. However, I look forward to continued treatment to deal with all of my other allergies. Thank you so much for your outstanding care and expertise. You are truly a Master!   —  Joseph, Dentist –

When I first came to your office I had numbness in my finger and a tingling sensation in my arm. I tried my MD but this did not resolve the issue. After going through the diagnosis, David came up with a solution that involved different treatments. Not only did he perform acupuncture, but he was able to massage out the key areas. Since he took the time to understand my issue, he uncovered the fact that I was sleeping incorrectly which added pressure to these nerves. David takes the time to understand the issue(s) and resolve them for each persons need verses a cookie cutter experience. I would recommend David to anyone who needs an alternative to medicine.         — John —

When I wanted to try something besides medical doctors, chiropractors, OTC medications and prescription drugs to lessen and maybe solve my menopausal symptoms I didn’t think of acupuncture, BUT I SHOULD HAVE! It wasn’t until a friend said acupuncture helped her that I talked to David Gaynes. We talked about many things including acupuncture. I felt very comfortable with him and decide to give it a try. Was I surprised when after only 1 treatment I felt better (nothing else had worked that quickly!) After each treatment I felt better and better. Little by little I’ve been getting off medications (with my doctor’s help too). My goal was to get through menopause in a natural way and now I can thanks to David. As with any health care issue, being comfortable with and believing in the care provider is very important. It’s a shame we’re not more knowledgeable about alternative solutions to health care problems in our country. — Stephanie, Teacher —

My 11 year old son has a history of skin rashes and bed wetting. I had always wondered if he had food allergies which caused or exacerbated these conditions. Our pediatrician was unable to help. I heard from a friend with multiple allergies about Dr. Gaynes and NAET. My son was frustrated enough to give it a try. After two months of food allergy NAET treatments, his incidence of bedwetting has been cut in half and he can eat all the foods he has been avoiding for the last years! In addition, Dr. Gaynes is very friendly and good with children.  — Kristin —

I have experienced great results from David Gaynes and acupuncture. I have had chronic low back pain for 12 years and hip pain for 10 years. I could only sleep for anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour at a time before waking up to pain and having to turn over all night long. I am now sleeping 4 hours straight and sometimes 5-6 hours. This is a major miracle for me. Also, the severity of the pain when I do wake up is greatly reduced by probably 80 to 90 percent. Also, sitting for over 15 minutes at a time was impossible for me without increasing pain. I just flew for 45 minutes on a small plane without pain on four different flights. All of my friends are amazed at how long I am sitting at dinner now, as I have always stood up a lot while eating or visiting friends or at the movies. Needles to say I am very excited and relived at the fabulous results. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover how I feel.   — Carol, Retailer –

My four treatments with David Gaynes were the first experiences I had ever had with an Acupuncturist. David’s professional demeanor and personable nature helped to make the experience a positive one. I was suffering from frequent bouts of severe pain around some of the tendons in one of my feet. It seemed that there was inflammation and irritation caused by a injury several months earlier. Almost miraculously, about 10-14 days after my last treatment with David, the pain had all but disappeared. Today, nearly two months after the last treatment, I feel no further discomfort. I would highly recommend David Gaynes.  — Michael, Investment Advisor –

I went to David Gaynes for treatment of a severe case of tendonitis of the shoulder. I was in constant pain and unable to perform many simple daily tasks. Relief began at the first treatment and ensuing treatments rapidly took care of my problem. I am now back to 100% of normal feeling and normal activity. I heartily recommend David’s acupuncture treatment and will personally continue to use his services.  — George, Artist –

Okay, I am SO impressed with the treatments you gave me David, and you know how sensitive I am and afraid to be treated because treatment often leaves me feeling worse….I AM FEELING SO MUCH BETTER. I have had zero energy, lethargic and heavy, for months, and yesterday afternoon and today I am NORMAL. I have excellent energy, I’m sleeping well and I feel like I can EXERT myself; something I’ve been too weak to do for what seems-like ages. My brain can even think; in fact, I’m having a hard time holding it back, containing the energy.   — Denise, Marketing Consultant —

David’s acupuncture work has dramatically improved my TMJ condition, radically decreasing my jaw pain and giving me significantly more mobility. My whole quality of life has completely changed in such a short amount of time and I can’t tell you enough how appreciative I am for the difference he has made.   — Lauren, Graphic Designer —

When I first came to David my sciatica pain was so great that I was limping around. I was unable to do simple things like take a walk or sit for any period of time without hurting. After only 3 weeks of acupuncture treatments I am feeling good as new, able to walk and be comfortable, without any pain at all. Thank you for your healing touch!  — Jennifer, PhD —

I suffer from environmental allergies especially the various perfumes, colognes, deodorants etc. I have found myself in an ER facility on several occasions with shortness of breath, tightening in the throat area, swollen glands and wheezing. On several occasions I have received treatment with epinephrine injection and updraft nebulizer. Needless to say this creates a great deal of anxiety whenever I am in a public place. Since receiving treatments from you to this hypersensitivity to perfume mix, I had the most rewarding experience last Sunday evening. My husband and I were having dinner with friends in a downtown restaurant when a patron came in ‘doused’ in a very fragrant perfume. Everyone’s reaction was to ask me if I wished to leave the restaurant and to sit outside. I told them not to worry and to let me see how I would or not react to this irritant. To everyone’s surprise I was able to stay inside the restaurant (although I found the smell annoying) without having any respiratory problems whatsoever. Usually I would have ‘reacted’ within a few minutes, sometimes seconds and be in respiratory distress. We all enjoyed dinner and personally I felt a tremendous sense of wellbeing, free of the fear of being ‘attacked’ by such an irritant. Thank you again for being a great caregiver.  — Marie —

In only a few treatments, David Gaynes was able to eliminate my back pain. I found this surprising considering I was seeing a chiropractor 6 days a week for 3 months prior to my treatment by David. He literally saved my back!   — Fabio, Accountant —

I came in, out of my mind with an allergic rash that itched like crazy. It had been over a week and nothing had helped get it to subside and to make it worse it was spreading. Finding David was a blessing. After the first visit the itching got considerably better and my sanity was returning. In the next few days the rash was disappearing and after one last visit I was good as new. Not only were the results wonderful but David was a pleasure to meet-upbeat, charming, relatable, warm, caring. I would highly recommend David.  — N, Photographer —

I came to you after visiting urgent care, doctors office and my dentist over a three week period. I had trouble swallowing, sinus headaches, pain in my neck and limited ability to turn my head. After two acupuncture treatments with you I am about 98% better. This was my first experience with acupuncture, I was reluctant. Not any more. You have a tremendous ability to explain what you were doing and make the patient feel comfortable with the process. You are thorough, careful, and caring. I would highly recommend you. — Ginger –

In January of 2006 I was diagnosed with having sensory neuropathy. My neuropathy began five years earlier with numbness of the toes on both feet and progressed to pain and numbness from the knees down on both legs. After six treatments of acupuncture, the feelings started to come back in my legs and even more noticeably in my feet and toes. It was a great day for me when I was able to feel the carpet under my feet once again. I owe this to the dedication of my acupuncturist, David Gaynes. — Evelyn —

I tend to carry a lot of stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. I was at a point when the muscles in my neck were so tight and knotted that I was in continuous discomfort. Chiropractic sessions and massages weren’t working to relieve the tension. My massage therapist suggested acupuncture to ‘open up the channels.’ I had never had acupuncture before, but I thought I’d give it a try. I was amazed after the first visit with how loosened up I was. I went back one more time and by the time I left David’s  office, all the knots in my neck were gone! Not to mention how relaxed I was.  — Karen –

I was tired of being tired. Despite having a good, balanced diet, riding my bike to work 3-4 times a week, and sleeping well at night I was tired all the time. I would get massive energy dips mid morning and mid afternoon when I had a hard time staying awake at work. It also became hard for me to read stories to my daughter at night without feeling sleepy midway through it. My Internist could not find anything wrong with me and I was not interested in staying alert by drinking massive amounts of coffee. I had a couple of visits with Dr. Gaynes who, through muscle testing, discovered weak thyroid and adrenal functions as well as a sensitivity to wheat. A month after using some nutrition supplements he recommended and eliminating wheat from my diet I feel like a new  man. The energy dips are gone. I am alert all day at work, bike home and still have plenty of energy to read to my daughter before bedtime. The need for supplements have diminished over the few months since I first visited David as my thyroid and adrenal functions have recovered thanks to the treatment.  —Alejandro, Engineer–

I had been taking thyroid replacement hormone pills for over 30 years, when I suddenly was unable to tolerate them. If I took one, I would get dizzy and nauseated. It was as if I had become allergic to the pills. I saw my Endocrinologist, who prescribed a different brand of thyroid hormone for me. I had the same reaction with that one, and the next four different pills that I tried. Meanwhile, I was starting to get hypothyroid symptoms, which were just awful. Unable to take the hormone any longer, I was panicking as to what I could possibly do. I went online searching for answers, and I found a blog group that all had thyroid disorders. They suggested I try acupuncture.  That brought me to David Gaynes. I told him my problem, and he smiled and said “I can help you take your thyroid pills again”. He told me about a process called NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques). I had also been having chronic IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for about the last ten years. David tested me and said I had 40 allergies! He also said that he could make them go away. I was skeptical, but he was my last hope. Within a month, I was again taking my thyroid hormone replacement pills, and I no longer had any Irritable Bowel symptoms.  I want everyone to know about this treatment. It is indeed a miracle! — Caroline, Sales—

David, thank you for the journey and your enlightenment.  When I walked through your door the only awareness I had was that I had no awareness.  I was sleep deprived and had no energy and knew the time had come for a change in lifestyle.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!  Now, after your patience, shared knowledge and encouragement, I’ve embraced a new way of being; I sleep 6-7 hours a night, get through my day without feeling sluggish and the need for several cups of coffee and no longer experience “power surges” nor night sweats.  I have a new understanding of what I eat and the meaning of eating raw and organic, reading labels for toxins and words I can’t pronounce.  While I thought this would be all consuming, I’ve come to find it second nature and so important. I can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm and so appreciate the passion you have for what you do and for imparting your knowledge.  —Judy–

I have personally benefited from David Gaynes expertise with Traditional Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. I have felt balanced and serene as well as re-energized after my first treatment with him. David is extremely acknowledgeable, professional and truly committed to helping his clients heal. I highly recommend David and thank him for the great relief he provided me.  — Geraldine, Real Estate Agent–

The cleanse has been an eye-opening and fantastic experience for me.  I feel that I have truly learned how to properly eat.  I will now ensure that the food I put into my body is healthy and beneficial.  Eating things that do not do anything positive for me will no longer be eaten casually and frequently.  The only things I craved while on this cleanse were chicken and fish. My desire for dairy (cheese) and breads were nonexistent knowing that they wouldn’t do anything positive for my health.  I am full of energy, thinking more clearly, exercising hard and feeling great.  In just 21 days my clothes are feeling looser on me and I feel better overall.  Keeping track of what I ate was a good practice to start because it held me accountable and aware.  It was great being able to have the cold unpressed olive oil. I looked forward to my al dente stir fried vegetables every night as they served to comfort my desire for a hot meal.  I highly recommend this cleanse to everyone.  This was my first one, and I plan to do it at least once a year for the rest of my life.  I am very thankful to have had this new food lifestyle introduced to my life.  — Jen, Events Coordinator —