Cleanse Your Body, Lose The Weight- A new class!

With all the excesses of the holidays, are you feeling like you need a little support or even a good framework to get you back on track with healthy eating and lifestyle?
Join David Gaynes, L.Ac. for a short class which will give you tools and techniques for cleansing, to reset your system, lose the accumulated weight and get your body and mind feeling vibrant and full of health.

Effects of cleansing and purification include

 Jumpstarting Weight Loss
Decreasing Aches & Pains
Decreasing Fluid Retention
Reducing Allergies
Reducing Body Fat
Eliminating Headaches
Restoring Energy

Tuesday, January 8 or Thursday, January 17 @ 7:00 PM
Please reserve your space- or 805-682-6492
9 East Mission St. in Santa Barbara

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